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Established in 1978, the practice has a proven record of quality, consistency and value in the design of new buildings and conservation of historic buildings.

Acanthus Ferguson Mann’s work includes projects large and small for the private,public and voluntary sectors. Commissions range from rural housing to city offices and from retail and leisure to interior and urban design>

We have a record for designing new buildings and complexes which are appropriate to the budget, place and purpose and have been rewarded with RIBA, RICS, Civic Trust and Local Authority awards. We avoid a single style, believing strongly in the importance of regional variety, and seeking to create spirited new buildings while striving for permanence, integrity and excellence, rather than for fleeting fashion in building design.

Experience varies from the use of traditional construction and materials to that of well tested contemporary technology.

We believe in working closely with clients to produce a sensible strategy for all projects. Early design decisions can fundamentally affect the long term running costs and the quality and value of a working or living environment.

We believe strongly that the appeal of any development is as dependent on the space between and around buildings as it is on the detailed design of the buildings themselves.

As founder members of Acanthus and the Concept Planning Group, Ferguson Mann are able to offer a dedicated regional service reinforced by a national network of unparalleled skills and experience while retaining all the advantages and personal service of an independent regional practice.

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