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The practice occupies offices in the heart of the city of Bristol. We handle projects throughout the South West and Wales, in London and from Northampton to Fareham.

The practice currently consists of:

  • 15 Architects
  • 2 Architectural Assistants
  • 2 Senior Architectural Technicians
  • 1 Architectural Technician
  • 1 Junior Technician
  • 1 Archaeologist/Conservator
  • 4 Administrative
  • 1 Practice Manager

CDM : One senior technician has trained as and is practising as planning supervisor under CDM regulations.

Health and Safety Policy: The practice operates a thorough health and safety policy, a copy of which is available on request. Henry Alpass is the director in charge of Health & Safety within the practice

Equal Opportunities Policy : The practice operates an equal opportunities policy, a copy of which is available on request.

Continuing Professional Development and Training : A management system exists to ensure that all qualified architects in the practice plan their continuing professional development program and complete at least the minimum time required by the RIBA.

The practice is a member of the RIBA Wessex Region CPD Scheme. We run monthly in house CPD seminars, and support and encourage attendance at external events, as well as staging various seminars, including an annual weekend Acanthus seminar.

Information Technology : Every member of staff has a fully networked Apple Macintosh workstation. Other equipment includes high resolution black and white and colour printers (A4 and A3), scanner and plotter. Amongst other software we use Vector Works for CAD, Microsoft Word 5.1 for word processing, Quark and Photoshop for desk top publishing, and Modelshop, vector works and Atlantis for 3D computer modeling and rendering. A full inventory of all hardware and software is available.

Environmental Statement : We are committed to developing design which is environmentally responsible to the natural environment and to the users of the whole environment, inside and out, created or altered by any new development. We will consider the design in an holistic manner, seeking to create a “product” which is ecologically responsible in its procurement and also in its long term year on year management.

Our holistic approach will seek to reduce energy use; maximise the use of natural ventilation; maximise the use of renewable energy sources; reduce CO2 production; reduce the use of harmful materials in procurement of the building and of materials harmful at installation stages; use good quality materials of low maintenance to increase the period of the cycle of re-fit required for buildings.

Throughout the process we wold seek to create a “life enhancing” place. A place which is healthy to be in, a place which will inspire and lift the spirits of all who use it.

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