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Community Projects – February 2005

Since the 1980’s the practice has been deeply involved in ‘community’ works, including public buildings such as libraries churches, and community facilities. Our housing renewal work involving considerable consultation with local communities is often considered as ‘community work’ however we have included these schemes in our Residential pages.

Churches and community facilities:
The practice has through its historic buildings team undertaken numerous conservation and re-ordering programmes to historic ecclesiastical buildings whilst more recently we have designed two contemporary churches the first of which was completed as apart of the Inns Court, Mede Community Centre in 2000 which received a Civic Trust award in 2001. The second, a Baptist church in Clevedon is due to start on site in 2004.

All our library projects have been located in challenging urban sites involving significant issues as well as meeting the changing nature of the library from being exclusively paper to a centre of electronic communication and a busy community hub acting as a centre for education and outreach.

Barry Town Hall, Vale of Glamorgan
Clevedon Baptist Church

Barton Hill Estate improvements, Bristol
Four Roads Estate, Withywood, South Bristol:
Highridge Sports and Community Centre, Bristol
Highridge/Sandburrows Road Neighborhood Study
Holy Cross Church, Inns Court, Bristol
Inns Court Bristol: Masterplan & Environmental Improvements
KWADS, Knowle West, Bristol
Leominster Library
St Matthews Cotham, Bristol
The Mede Centre, Inns Court, Bristol

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