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News for February 2005

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Barry: new library and town hall | date added: 02-12-04

The work on transforming the 1902 town hall in Barry, Glamorgan, into a new library and civic offices starts on site in January 2005. The scheme will double the floor space of the existing building and includes the revitalisation of the town square and a re-landscaped victorian park adjacent to the town hall.

George Ferguson proposes X-listing for ugly buildings | date added: 02-12-04

There has been much coverage lately in the media over George Ferguson\’s idea for x-rating buildings. The purpose of X-
listing is the \”simple, positive one of repairing damaged places. The aim is to idenify buildings that by their removal, replacement or transformation would significantly improve their environment and contribute to the repair of their surroundings.\”

The X-listed structures would need to be almost universaly disliked and judged to have no chance of becoming fashionable in time. Chanel 4 is planning to show a series titled \’Demolition\’, countering the BBC\’s \’Restoration\’ series, which will end with the demolition of one of the buildings on the hit list. Suggestions are welcome and can be sent to [email protected]

Zero Degrees | date added: 08-09-04

The former tram shed on Colston Street and Christmas Steps have been converted by AFM to a micro brewery and restaurant/bar for Zero Degrees. Terraces on the south side give good views over Bristol and the new building\’s form with distinctive curved roof and lightweight timber and glass structure rising from the existing solid stone walls creates a new landmark on Park Row.