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Residential Projects – February 2005

Since the mid 70’s, the practice’s residential works – covering both public and private sectors – has ranged from repairing important urban fabric through the re-use of derelict historic buildings to the creation of new homes and landscapes. Our public housing has been primarily for Local Authorities and Housing Associations and has often included notable tenant consultation and partnership exercises, with the aim of creating more sustainable communities.


Ever since pioneering the award winning Lodge Street scheme, which brought urban living back to the heart of Bristol, the practice has been deeply involved with public housing and regeneration. We have worked with local communities on significant housing renewal projects involving the environmental and fabric improvements to several large post-war public housing schemes in Bristol and elsewhere. All these schemes include the re-landscaping of the estates with a re-definition of public/ private space to create new opportunities for residents’ control of space whilst allowing for the introduction of new housing and community facilities.


Our private residential development, now often incorporating affordable housing, is driven by a desire to create civilised and sustainable places that enhance their settings, urban or rural. This emphasis stems from our preoccupation with urban design issues and our aspiration to create ‘spaces and places’ rather than just buildings. Our private projects range from the masterplanning and implementation of major new schemes to those involving the re-use of grade one listed building such as the royal William Yard in Plymouth for Manchester based developers Urban Splash.

Broad St, Old Portsmouth
Royal William Yard, Plymouth
St John Reade, Redland, Bristol
Temple Back, Bristol
Miles Road, Clifton Bristol
Nat West House, Bristol

Bartlett Court, Clifton, Bristol
Barton Hill Estate improvements, Bristol
Bishop Sutton, Somerset
Carfax Court, Bristol
Church Wards, Swindon
Exeter Central Station Yard, Exeter
Fleet Street, Birmingham

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